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Happy Birthday to the Queen!

I recently celebrated my 20th birthday! (Yay me!) But instead of being excited and "turning up" as my generation puts it, I simply spent my entire day laying in my bed watching television, and eating of course.  

Of course I give all honor and glory to my Lord and Savior for allowing me to see another year, but I had no motivation to celebrate my birthday. Maybe it was the fact that I have been so busy that I just felt the need to take a day and rest. Or maybe it was because I just missed my grandma celebrating my birthday. I'm not really sure.  

However, what I do know is that each day is a day to celebrate life. A couple days before my birthday, one of my high school classmates and childhood friends passed away. The news of his death hit extremely close to home. It made me take a step back and remember that it truly is a blessing just to be alive.  

I celebrate my life and all of its many blessings every single day. But at the same time that I am celebrating, I am also mourning. Along with many other pains of life, I mourn the loss of my grandma every single day.

I know that I am guilty of sometimes letting the downs bring me further down than they should. It is so important that every second of every day, we remain grateful for what we do have. There is always someone whose situation is worse than yours. Go through your day searching for things to be thankful for and it will definitely change your mood. Celebrate the little things and life and the larger things will come. 

What are you grateful for?  


The Queen