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Women Thou Art Loosed Book Review

Best-selling author, Bishop, TV Show Host, and counselor, T.D. Jakes, uses personal experiences, biblical references and uplifting messages to minister to every broken woman and man through his book Woman, Thou Art Loosed. 

In the first chapter, Infirmed Woman, Jakes retells the story of the infirmed woman in the bible (Luke 13:11-12). 

"What I want to make clear is that after you have analyzed the condition, after you have understood its origin, it will still take the authority of God's Word to put the past under your feet."

The 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition offers discussion questions at the end of each chapter; helpful for study groups or personal devotion. 

T.D. Jakes does an amazing job of tapping in to the inner prison of his readers, and embedding a warm soothing word that heals the wounds of his past. If ever you have been broken, or need to understand a woman who is broken, Woman, Thou Art Loosed is a great selection for just that. 

Although I had many favorite quotes from the book, one that especially stood out to me, was this one: "There is such a security that comes when we are safe in the arms of God. It is when we become secure in our relationship with God that we begin to allow the past to fall from us as a garment. We remember it, but choose not to wear it!"

As you begin to read this book, I pray that it touches you just as it did me. And I hope that you will begin to heal and spread love to those around you.


The Queen.