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5 Healthy Habits for 2014

The infamous New Year's Resolution list. We all make them and usually by February 31st, we all break them. I'm not one to make New Year's Resolution's, but I do love to make 'to-do lists.' Here are a few things to promote a healthier lifestyle in the upcoming year.

1. Don't Be Lazy 
Instead of spending leisure time on the couch, get up and be active. Take a walk on a pretty day. Do yoga in the park or in your home. 30 minutes of cardio activity a day reduces the risk of heart disease. 

2. Make A Swap
Trade fruit for sweets; baked foods for fried foods. Water or a sugar free juice instead of soda. Small changes in your lifestyle can make a large difference. 

3. Meditate
Set aside time in your day to meditate. Do yoga, pray, read your bible, or just sit with your eyes closed and think. Open up your mind and heart to allow positive energy to flow through. Literally 5 minutes of QT during your hectic day will rejuvenate you for the rest of your day.

4. Explore
Go on an adventure. Local or out of town. Find something new. Or involve yourself in a new activity or hobby. Search for a hidden treasure within your city; such as a small quaint coffee shop, restaurant, or clothing store. 

5. Make A Reminder
Write down a "To-Do List" or make a visual reminder board and place it somewhere where you will constantly see it. Having a visual reminder is much better than having a mental list and you will be more likely to stay encouraged in reaching your goals and follow through with every thing that you hope to do during the year. 

What do you want to do in 2014? What changes do you want to make? 


The Queen.