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Mary Mary's Erica Campbell....Too 'Sexy' For Gospel?

Recently, Erica Campbell of the gospel group Mary Mary released a photo on her Instagram account to promote and announce her first solo debut album which will be released March 25, 2014. The photo, featuring Erica in an all white fitted turtle-neck dress with straight hair, has stirred up a bit of controversy in the gospel community. 



First, let us pause for a moment of silence just to take in Erica Campbell and all of her God-sent beauty. Second, let's say a quick prayer for those that are unable to pull off this dress and instead choose to judge. 

Erica Campbell is a beautiful woman. The dress that she is wearing is fitted. But it could be a lot tighter than what it is! The dress is a long sleeve turtle neck dress that extends all the way down to her calves. She is showing no cleavage, the dress is not short at all, and she not even showing any of her arms! What more do people want?

It most certainly pushes the envelope in terms of gospel fashion. But whatever happened to "judge not lest ye be judged?" Since when did being sexy and beautiful become a sin? 

I can definitely relate to Erica's situation. I have had many people tell me that my attire is not church appropriate. Mind you, I was raised by my grandma who taught me what was church attire and what was not. Saints go crazy if your dress isn't touching your ankles, if your heels are higher than an inch, or if the neckline of your blouse isn't touching and agreeing with your neck. 

We are living in a new day and age. Not saying that it is okay to go to church leaving little to the Deacon's imagination. However, fashion is changing. In order to be able to keep up with new trends and a younger generation, you can't be stuck in the 1800s. 

What do you think of Erica's ensemble? Is it too much for a gospel singer? Or is it just right? 


The Queen.