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It's More Than What It Seems

The image of the African American woman is currently at risk! Because of the behavior of some, the way society views us, is changing. Take a look at this video: 

If you are not familiar with this reality tv show, it is Married To Medicine , the show that follows the lives of two doctors and three doctors wives. One of the women that you see engaged in this particular altercation is a Pharmaceutical Representative, church volunteer, and mentor to young women. The other is an entrepreneur and journalist. Clearly these people live highly prestigious lives. However their behavior on certain occasions is definitely unacceptable. 

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Love & Hip Hop brawls, Real Housewives of Atlanta drama, and the Basketball Wives fiasco's. But doctor's and the wives of doctor's? Really though? 

It's like they don't realize who they are. They forget where there are. For some people, the only way they see how other races act, is through media. And when you flip through the channels on your TV and all you see is black women fighting, that's when the stereotype of black women form.  

Oh, but it's more than what it seems. This isn't about the image of ten or twenty women. It's about an entire race of women. It's so much bigger than them. 

The worst part is that the younger generation, our little black princes and princesses, look up to the reality TV stars on shows like Love & Hip Hop. They are young. They don't understand that this isn't how you are supposed to conduct yourself. They don't realize that we are all really brother's and sister's and that we should be treating each other with the up-most respect.

"Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is older he will not depart from it." Well hello somebody! If the only training that these kids are getting is through the TV and other negative media, then all we are doing is creating a recycled generation. The same behavior that we saw on our TV screens yesterday, will be the same reckless behavior that we see tomorrow, if we don't start tapping into the minds of our successors today. 


The Queen