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Prepare the White House...for Hillary.

Although 2016 seems somewhat far away, grassroots organizations are already preparing the White House for Hilary Clinton. 

The former Secretary of State has not formally announced whether or not she will be seeking the White House in 2016, however, organizers are already laying down the foundation for her super PAC.  

A Facebook page, twitter account, and website have already been set up in support of the movement.

Unaffiliated with the Clinton's, Ready for Hillary, picked up two top Obama campaign field operatives. Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird recently joined the pro-Clinton campaign. 

Ready for Hillary has sought out the most talented people in the business to harness the energy of everyday Hillary supporters and lay the groundwork for 2016.
— Craig T. Smith

"As more and more women are being accepted and they're proving that they can contribute and they can lead," Clinton told an audience. Stewart remarks: "She won't say whether that includes her in 2016."

Polls now show that Clinton is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination.