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First DIY Project!

When I was a child, my grandma used to drag me in and out of thrift stores. I HATED it!! However, my grandma always found the best furniture and knick-knacks for such low prices! Now, I would much rather go thrifting than to the mall or a department store. 

I decided to spend a day thrifting in Jacksonville. I made a tour, visiting all of my grandma's old spots and discovering a couple new of my own. 

I picked up these cute vintage earrings at a thrift store downtown.  

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At the Goodwill, I found this lamp base for $5, and the lampshade for $2.


photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG

I really wanted to give the lampshade some personality. My first thought was to either go buy some lace from the fabric store, or use a lace stencil and some spray paint to create a print. But then I remembered that we had this crotched lace thing sitting in storage and decided to go retrieve it and put it to good use. This was actually a piece that was used as decoration on our dining room table.

photo 1.JPG

With a few snips with the scissors here and there, I gave my boring lamp shade some texture, and saved my pockets quite a few bucks! 

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