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My Hair Crack

I get a lot of questions about exactly what I put in my hair. For the longest, I kept my crack recipe a secret, but it really is such a simple and easy recipe that anyone can make. The measurements below makes only a little bit, so I usually double or triple everything.

2 Tablespoons of raw shea butter
1 Tablespoon of coconut oil
3 teaspoons of honey (preferably whipped)
2 teaspoons of peppermint oil

If I have any argan oil or tea tree oil at the time, I usually throw a couple of teaspoons of that in as well.  

Combine all of these ingredients over medium heat until well blended. Make sure that your pot isn't too hot, or else you will scorch the honey.   

Once well blended, the concoction should look like melted butter. Put in a mason jar until ready to use. It may be used as a hot liquid or as a cooled solid. Place in the refrigerator to solidify quicker.  

This recipe is best used on freshly washed damp hair. It can be applied while perform a twist out or an up-do.

Because of the many types of oil used, obviously the product will be extremely oily, s be sure to use only a little bit.

Leave comments and let me know how this recipe works on your hair type!


The Queen