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What am I really doing?

When I created this website, I had no intentions of doing it for personal glorification or praise. The first thing you see on the homepage is a quote from myself stating that calling yourself a queen doesn't make you better than anyone else. And when you view the "About Me" page, I clearly make known the purpose of the website, which is to encourage other's and give all honor to God. 

I recently received this email and wanted to publicly respond:

I am all for empowering women but you seem like a narcissistic I understand you refer to yourself as a queen... But have you ever heard of the saying " If you have to say it or state it, you are proably not." It's okay to think of your self on a high standard but to keep saying talk to the queen and write to the queen is self absorbed and quite creepy..."

To the sender and anyone else who may feel the same: You have the wrong impression. If you browse through the website and take the time to read the posts and what I have to say, you will see that there are only a few things that pertain to me. I have a very brief "About Me" page giving you just and overview of who I am and my dreams. The only category of the blog portion that will directly be about me is "The Queen's Adventures," which was a category added at the last minute which, as you will find, will talk about the many small and big adventure's that I like to take since I like to travel. The "Approach the Throne" portion is something so small that is only a part of the website for visitors, such as yourself, to contact me and find my social networks. 

Everything else on my website is formed for other's. I have inspirational posts, things about beauty and current events. I will even have a section that will feature other queen's doing something to fulfill their dreams. 

This isn't something that I am doing on my own. I can tell you that this was a vision that God gave to me. I prayed about it and I even questioned was this the right approach. 

I had always said that I wanted to help people; especially young girls. I believe that every single girl, lady, and woman are queens. But some do not know that. Some young ladies have never heard someone tell them that they are beautiful and important.  

Referring to myself as "a queen" does not mean that I am cocky or vain. It means that I am confident. It means that I know my self worth and my value. I know who I am and I know whose I am. 

I do value the feedback, both positive and negative. Know that I take into consideration every thing that I receive. However, I will not change the vision that was given to me only because other's do not see it as well.


The Queen