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Girl On Fire (Album Review)

This girl is on FIYAAAAA!!! Every time this song comes on the radio, my music library or Pandora, I cannot help but sing it at the top of my lungs. But what's even better is the entire album!  


Ever since Alicia Keys first made her debut with "Songs in A Minor," I have been a HUGE fan! Being a young black girl who also played the piano, I was inspired and in awe. I have watched Alicia evolve from cornrows and fedora's to sassy short hair and fierce red lipstick. Although her style has changed over the years, her music has not. While many other artists struggle to stay true to their original selves and are often making the transformation from R&B to pop music, Alicia Keys continues to write the same classic music as she always has.

I love how she always starts her albums with a short piano instrumental. On this particular album she begins with "De Novo Adagio," which translates to "adagio again."  

"New Day,"  the fifth song on this album, is the perfect song for summer. It is a reminder that every day is a new day and that you should begin each day with the expectation that it will be better than yesterday. 

Keys and R&B singer Maxwell collaborate on  "Fire We Make," but we won't go into details on that one. :) You'll just have to listen for yourself! 

I can't even begin to think of which song from this album would be my favorite. Every song is so different but yet so same in the passion and originality that is shown. 

Yes, Alicia Keys came to MY school! 

Yes, Alicia Keys came to MY school! 

Girl On Fire became Keys' fifth album to land number one on the US Billboard. Selling 159,000 copies in its first week, it also took number one on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. 

I most definitely encourage you to listen to this album in its entirety.  


The Queen.