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Mistakes...and my personal story of one.

Mistakes are not meant to define who you are as a person, but rather who you are becoming; whether that be good or bad. They are the curves and bumps on our journey of life that may slightly alter the course and maybe even send us in a new direction. Everyone makes mistakes, whether you know it or not. But it is the decisions that we make afterwards that determine whether the next page in the story of our lives begins with a new chapter, or "The End."

Right after I left for my freshman year of college, my grandma became very ill. We later found out that she had stage four cancer. Right before I began my sophomore year of college, she passed away. That entire year was very difficult for me, more than I led people to believe. Before my grandma even passed I began grieving. Seeing the person who raised you and took care of you your whole life sick and unable to care for herself is tough. As hard as I tried to stay focused, I couldn't. I began and ended my freshman year of college with a low GPA. I was on the verge of loosing my financial aid more than once. I struggled up until the second semester of my sophomore year. It took me three semesters to finally become focused and get back on track.

Not too many people know that this happened to me. But I am sharing to show you who is reading this, that no matter what mistakes you make in life, you have the ability to start a new chapter. And in that next chapter, you may make another mistake. But never stop trying to improve! Don't let anyone tell you to give up because you made a mistake. Never listen to those who put you down because you had a bad decision.

God uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary. Most of Jesus disciples were men who were considered the lowest in their societies, but were called to be followers of Christ. He is willing and able to forgive you for whatever you have done and will do. He is the author and finisher of our faith. In Him we are able to have a new more abundant life with new beginnings.

A good friend recently reminded me that we as humans are not perfect. However, we as children of God are. We were created in the image and the likeness of someone who is, and by His blood we are. As humans we make mistakes, but because we are children of God, a peculiar people, we are privileged to have had someone already pay the debt that would forgive us of all of our mistakes.   

I finished my 2nd semester of my sophomore year at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University on the Dean's List, and am hoping to continue to improve until I graduate in 2015.

I encourage you to let go of the guilt of your past, embrace the brightness of your future, and celebrate your new life in Christ Jesus. 


The Queen