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She doesn't have any, but you want it. What women today are exaggerating over.

Your crown is your dream and your glory is your drive or motivation to fulfill that dream.
— The Queen I missing something? Is there a secret physical power in the length of it? Do you gain more knowledge by having more of it on your head? Does it pay your bills rather than become your bills? Or is it just hair. 

It's actually a coincidence that Beyonce debuts her newly chopped style before I could get this story published. I had intended on trying to encourage someone to feel comfortable in their skin and to realize that weave isn't the only thing that's beautiful.   

I truly applaud Bey for her new cut. But I just wish that women would have realized way before she cut her hair that short hair really is beautiful! It's sad that it takes a major celebrity to show women what they should have already known. 

And ladies, PLEASE stop bashing your sisters! I cannot tell you how sick I am of hearing "females think they beyonce." So what? Should we tell you that it is wrong for you to think that you will be the next Oprah, Keri Washington, or Serena Williams?  

I am in no way against wearing weave. However, I am against the mentality that only weave, long hair or permed straight hair is beautiful. Who told you that short or natural hair wasn't for you? Why did you allow someone else's thoughts to tell you that you weren't pretty unless you had someone else's hair on your head?

Well newsflash queens, your hair is NOT your crown and glory. 

Your being beautiful is illustrated by the spirit that lives within you. Your crown is your dream and your glory is your drive or motivation to fulfill that dream.  

I promise you, it is just hair. Embrace the you inside of you. Don't be afraid to step outside of the box and do what other's around you won't. Be a trendsetter. Be a queen with a dream.