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Major Motives: Making Major Moves

It has been a while since I've spotlighted a queen. But I am so proud and excited about the opportunity I had to sit down with the amazing "Girl Melanie," creator of Major Motives.

Major motives is an entity of students who are aspiring to aspire through the forms of multimedia formats such as video and photography. 

"I saw a lack of people on television who represented me in a positive light," said Girl Melanie. "So I decided to gather the best of the best folks from around campus and come together to create stuff that could inspire students in a positive way."

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During her freshman year at North Carolina A&T State University, Melanie Dunning, a Junior Journalism and Mass Communications major with a concentration in Broadcast Production filmed her first episode of "Chronicles of College Kids, Yeah" or "Cocky" for short. From there, Major Motives expanded through cyphers and the famous Aggie Harlem Shake Youtube phenomenon which landed the production group 32,000 views and captured the attention of the Tom Joyner Foundation.

Melanie said that up until her last year of high school, she wanted to be a basketball player. "I got a concussion during my senior year of high school. It was a detrimental experience to me, but it also helped me. My memory would be diminishing. So in order to capture memory, video was there."

Currently, Major Motives has partnered with WNAA 90.1, the radio station of North Carolina A&T, to conduct interviews of special guests. They are also working on a comeback of their first web series, Cocky.

In the future, Girl Melanie wants Major Motives to become a national household name. "I want us to be a subsidy of paramount in making television shows for a broad audience." 

To aspiring journalist, Girl Melanie encourages other's to not let anyone tell them no. "There's always a way to do whatever you want. Stand out. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself not fit in with the crowd." 

For more information on Major Motives or to become connected with GIrl Melanie, you can follow Major Motives on Instagram and Twitter, and follow @GirlMelanie on Instagram and Twitter as well. 


The Queen.