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Reigniting the fire

Somewhere between transitioning from an intern to an employee, entering my senior year of college, taking on multiple jobs at my church, and becoming a section editor of my campus newspaper, I lost my fire.

The drive that I had, my motivation, whatever pushed me, somehow escaped during the commotion of these past few months. Because as you can see, it's been almost 3 entire months since I have posted.

I love my life, don't get me wrong. I took on all of these responsibilities because they were all things that I wanted to do. But I never imagined that I would lose myself in the middle of it all. 

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself taking a step back and looking at myself. I watched myself go to classes, work, meetings and rehearsals at church, and work at the newspaper. I watched myself "go through the motions" of my daily activities. My fire, was gone; and I felt empty.

so how do I get my fire back?

First and foremost, through lots of prayer, meditation, and fasting! I seek God in everything that I do. I prayed first for God to empty me of me so that I can be filled with Him. I prayed that HE would reignite my fire and restore my joy. 

After seeking the Holy Spirit, I then sit down and think about my life in parts. Meaning that I took time to think about and meditate on each of my activities, what they meant to me, how I could make sure that I am staying "fresh" (contributing new ideas, doing new things), and how that activity was contributing to my future. 

this girl is on FIRE!

Those two steps alone have helped me to reignite my fire. I feel more motivated than ever. I do have days where I have to give myself a little extra kick in the hind parts, but that's okay. Because I make sure that I pick myself up, straighten my crown, reapply my lipstick, smile, and wave! 

How do YOU reignite your fire? 

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