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The Completion


God is 



When my grandma first enrolled me in piano lessons, I was SO excited to begin. I wanted desperately to become an amazing pianist like some of the women that I watched in church. But the learning process became difficult. I wanted to quit. But my grandma wouldn't let me. And thank God she didn't! Music is my love, and I am not sure where I would be without it. 

Is anyone else like me? How many of us have ever started a project with only the end in sight. Our excitement built up, we begin to work on this project, still looking ahead at what should be the finished project. However, as soon as the process becomes tough, we want to quit. We want to give up because all we see is the product, but not the process.

God is not like that. In fact, God is a God of completion. No matter how tough we may be, He doesn't give up on the process of completing what He has started in us. We are all a work in progress being molded by a God who is able to do anything but fail at completing the beautiful queen that you are. 


The Queen.

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