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Releasing the Worries of Tomorrow (Matthew 6:25-34)

Last night, as I prepared for bed, I was honestly about to go to sleep without doing any devotion. But something told me to just read a little something before I closed my eyes.

As I reached for my bible, I literally felt Matthew 6:31 enter into my spirit. I had no idea what the verse even was. I flipped to the passage and began reading in awe at what was speaking to something that I have been dealing with lately. (So amazing how clearly God can speak to you!)

As a Christian, we believe that God knows all and controls all. But as a human, we sometimes tend to forget that. 

As I am preparing to graduate next year and begin a new chapter in my life, worries and doubts have found their way into my head. I sometimes worry about finding a good job, being financially stable, being able to budget my money correctly, and even getting into graduate school. 

Matthew 6:25-34 served as a reminder/reassurance that He IS Jehova Jireh and will provide ALL that I need! There is no need to worry about tomorrow when God holds tomorrow in His hands. He has already predestined and ordained our every foot step and has promised that no matter what we need, He will provide it for us.

Release the worries of tomorrow; tomorrow will worry about itself.


The Queen.