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Winning My First Journalism Award

I was home on a Sunday evening. My phone rang and it was the Editor-In-Chief of my campus newspaper. I thought that the reason she was calling was because I had a story due and had not yet turned in my draft. Not in the mood to start my story or come up with an excuse as to why the draft was not in her inbox, I ignored her call. 

A few minutes later I receive a text message. The content made my heart drop and tears well up in my eyes. It was my EIC congratulating me on winning First Place News Writing in the North Carolina College Media Association Annual Competition. 

I was in total shock. Due to the unannounced snow that North Carolina received, the conference had gotten canceled. I had never been to the conference, nor did I know that there was also a competition AND that my editor had submitted MY work.

I cried. I couldn't believe it. I began to praise God right in my room. I knew that He was about to start opening doors in my life, but once they became open it was a mix of excitement and shock that overtook my body. 

This is only the beginning. Not to say this because I believe that I am a good writer, because in all honesty, I still think that I am just an "okay" writer. But I know that God has a plan for my life. I am choosing to believe that He will do just what He said. He will make all of my dreams come true, allow me to reap what I have sown, and bless me ten times greater than all of the hurt I have experienced thus far.

Try Him. Believe Him. He has a plan.


The Queen.