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The Importance of Short Term Goals: Learning to Live In The Now

My closest friends can tell you that just about every single day for the past year and a half this sentence comes out of my mouth: "I'm just ready to graduate." 

And it's not that I'm tired of school (which just like most other students, I am), it's more-so the fact that I am ready to get my career started. I'm ready to make a career out of what I am doing in internships and extra-curricular activities. I am even ready to take on the bumps and the obstacles that may come my way as a new graduate. 

I have sat and daydreamed about what my life would be like after I graduate. My first job, getting my own apartment, finally getting a better car, and even being able to replenish my savings account. In my mind and in my various journals, I had everything planned out. I set long term goals for myself, hoping that all of my dreams and aspirations will come true. 

But one day, as that sentence routinely escaped my mouth, something inside of me "dinged." I realized, that everything that I am experiencing and doing now, counts. 

I once heard someone say "everything is necessary for the necessary to occur." 


Simply put, that means that every single thing from deciding to take notes in class, to going to career conferences, is necessary in your journey towards whatever long term goals you have set for yourself. Even whatever hardship you have had to endure is important to the book of lessons that you are writing as you travel through life. Every.Thing.Counts.

Learning To Live In The Now

In learning the significance of short-term goals, I have also tried to discipline myself to live in the moment. Savor the process that I am in right now.

I have tried to teach myself to be present at all times. This includes daily conversations, being more focused while driving, church, and meetings. 

I've learned that life's moments are over in the blink of an eye. We can't travel back in time to re-experience things. And we can't retrieve memories if we haven't made them first. 


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