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How I Decorated My Desk for UNDER $25!

This summer, I am a communications intern at the Beloved Community Center; a non-profit organization that works with social justice and civic engagement issues affecting people from various backgrounds and walks of life.  

I have the awesome privilege of having my own desk, (and now pretty much my own office) something that I realize most other interns don't have.

So here's how I made the space my own! Enjoy!


(This is my desk before I moved into my office. The desk in my office is just a little bit more crowded, as I have a desktop taking up a lot of space.) 

Both of the picture frames came from TJ Maxx. The blue one was $8 and the white one was $7. I use the blue one as a task list to keep myself organized and on track during the day. I was going to place pretty paper in there, but turning the placement picture around also works. Write on the glass with a dry-erase marker.

The gold thingy also came from TJ Maxx, $4. I think It's a candle holder? But I am using it to store paper clips..........and Starbursts. Lol! (: 

The white notepad came from TJ Maxx for $2. 

The little gray vase, the white vase and the silver tray all came from Value Village, my local thrift store. The gray vase and the white vase were both 40 cents, and the silver tray was 80cents.

The diamonds on my tray came from Michael's. I got them for an event and decided they would look fabulous on my desk! 

The flowers hail from Dollar Tree. 


The Queen.