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The Queen's First Trip to California

I was recently awarded the amazing opportunity to travel to San Francisco, California (on FULL scholarship!) to attend the Investigative Reporters and Editors Conference. 


This being my first trip ever to San Francisco, it was such a blessing to be able to go with all of my expenses paid! 

The conference was absolutely amazing! I had no idea that anything like that had existed, and I hadn't even really had the opportunity to experience investigative journalism. Being there among all of these wonderful people opened my eyes up to a whole new range of possibilities. I learned a TON of new things and made a lot of connections! 

Of course I couldn't travel to the opposite side of the country without doing a little site seeing either! The other 5 scholarship recipients and I took a trolley ride at night. Interesting experience might I say. 

(It also baffled me how COLD it was it San Francisco!) It was in the mid 60s practically the whole time!)

On my last day, I spend the day exploring by myself. I went to North Beach and ate some AMAZING authentic Italian food. I visited the historic and iconic City Light's Bookstore where I made a couple purchases. I walked around Fisherman's Warf. And I supported a small business by taking a smaller boat out around the bay! For half the price as the tourist boat, I got to ride underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and around Alcatraz Island. The larger boat didn't even go under the bridge! (See what happens when you shop small?!)

San Francisco is definitely somewhere that I would like to visit again. And who knows. Maybe I'll even live there one day? ;)


The Queen.