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I Finished a Book in 24 Hours

When I was in grade school, I was SO in to books. You could not get me to take my nose out of a book for anything. But for some reason, I eventually stopped reading as much. For the longest I have been saying that I wanted to reignite my passion. Many times more recently, I have picked up books, but didn't finish them. 

The other day, something made me want to get lost in a really good book. Normally, I probably would have surfed eBay or Amazon for a good deal, but I decided to drive to Barns-N-Noble instead. And it was a good thing I did. 

When I walked in, BNN had numerous tables of books on sale. (I LOVE a good sale...especially on BOOKS!) I ended up purchasing 3 books for a total of $15; an AMAZING price at BNN! 

I wanted to dig into one of the paperbacks immediately. I began thinking of somewhere cozy that I could relax and enjoy my new purchases. Refusing to sit in Starbucks, due to the chance that I would purchase a high-calorie, over priced beverage and desert, an idea popped in my head.

When I arrived back at my apartment, I quickly prepared a little dinner (an AMAZING blackened chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries), and set out for City Center Park in downtown Greensboro.

That night, started something.

I sat in the park and ate my dinner, listened to the soothing sounds of the water sculptures and children playing, and began reading my book. I read for two hours, upon which I returned to my apartment to continue my night of relaxation by falling asleep to a Disney Movie.

By the next afternoon, I was halfway through my book! Wanting to continue my streak of reading and relaxing, I headed to everyone's favorite bakery (Maxie B's), ordered an All-American Chocolate Cupcake (AH MAY ZING!), and settled onto a couch in the corner away from the world, where I read for two hours.

After leaving Maxie B's, I returned to Center City Park, where I found myself reading until the park closed at 11pm. 

Sitting in the parking lot of my apartment complex, basking in the coolness of the summer night's breeze, I finished my 24 hours; a first, for me, in a while. 

These past two days have been two of the simplest but yet amazing days that I have had in a while. I realize that often times it is hard to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and forget about the simple things that make you happy. (On Finding True Happiness) 

Take at least 5 minutes out of your day to do what makes you happy. Whether it's listening to your favorite song, talking to a loved one, or just closing your eyes and meditating to gain peace. Don't forget about yourself. BE HAPPY! 


The Queen


The book that I was reading is called Broken Wings. It is a great story of romance, circumstances of life, and faith. I would definitely recommend it! 

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