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Reasons Why You Don't Need Anyone

Too many times I hear my queen's say "if only I had a man." Or "I wish I had more friends." I also have friends who struggle with broken relationships between family members. But the truth is, no matter who is or isn't in your life, the plan that God has ultimately laid out for you will be fulfilled.

A single person does not determine your success and one person can be the lone source of your happiness. You don't need anyone. At all! And here's why:

1. You're awesome. I mean come on, you already knew this one. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God took the time to make you. He thought about what he wanted you to look like and be like. He made you as an individual with the ability to conquer anything that you want in life. Does it get any awesomer? (:

2. People will let you down. If you have lived at least one day, then you probably already know this one too. If you've never had someone let you down, keep living. The truth is, this is just a part of human nature. Even the people closest to you will eventually let you down. They may not mean to, but it will just happen. Don't allow your happiness to rely on other people. If you do, you will find yourself always working to mend a broken heart.

3. Not everyone will be happy with your decisions. You can't please everyone. Worrying about the opinions of others will only hinder you from taking risks in life and chasing your dreams.

4. You can't take everyone to the top with you. There's no "we in success." But there is a "u." Success is lonely. People get jealous of you. You'll look around and realize that your friends don't have the same drive that you do. And not everyone in your life will be rooting for you. But that shouldn't stop you from striving for greatness.

5. Learning to stand on your own, will help when you're actually alone. There is going to be a point in your life when you are left to survive by yourself. You will look around but won't see anyone. God led Jesus into the wilderness to test Him. And He will do the same to you. He wants to know that your dependence lies totally on Him, and not other people. Tough times show you who is really for you. But what will you do if no one is left? 


The Queen.