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2015 Vision Board Update

2015 is almost halfway over! We are halfway to a new year. Now is a great time to take a look at how your year has gone so far. Revisit those goals that you made on New Years Eve. 

This year was my first time making a vision board for the new year. I had so much fun creating it! I had a huge stack of magazine's from Essence that I was able to snip and clip.  My board has a lot of words and headlines that I found to be inspirational (Of course because I am a writer and love words more than anything!).

I am definitely not where I thought I would be. But that's okay. This board features Laci's vision, but I am living God's vision, and that is all that matters.  2015 is also not over. I still have lots of time to fulfill some of these visions so be it God's will. I am going to briefly explain the main sections of my board as well as give an update on that particular section/vision.

1. This section represents the vision that I had in mind for a healthier lifestyle. I honestly didn't even set high expectations for myself. I love food too much. If I were to have set extreme expectations, I would have received an extreme let-down; I know myself. But I am still monitoring what I eat, pigging out only in moderation, and trying to remain active as much as possible.

2. Last year (2014) was a tad bit rough for me. This section represents gaining all of the happiness back that had been stolen from me. It represents fearlessness, healing, and self-love. This vision is probably the one that I am the most proud of because I can say that I have actually fulfilled it. I rediscovered my peace, and healed from what happened in 2014. I am also living a new and amazing fearless lifestyle. No longer do I make decisions based off of the opinions of others on my life, but I do things because Laci wants to do them. No matter how crazy they may seem, or the warnings from others. I am learning to step out on faith, embracing the possibility that there will be mistakes, but loving the thought of adventure. 

3. Although I was aware that this vision may not get fulfilled in 2015, I still wanted to add it. I have a dream of establishing a non-profit organization. This section features First Lady Obama with a group of kids that visited the White House. It also has a quote by her that says "teach your kids to how to think, reach higher, dream big, and plan for the future." I love this quote because it really sums up the vision that I have in mind for my non-profit.

4. "Time to become your own boss." Why yes! Yes it is! I don't have a newer car that I want, nor am I where I want to be financially, but I am blessed to still be driving a car that works, and still feeding my shopping addiction. I am also in the process of starting my business!

5. Yes, I did glue my picture on a woman's face who was in a cap and gown. Of course I had to add graduation to my vision board! The good Lord willing, I will be graduating in August with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication and a concentration in Print Journalism. I will participate in the fall commencement ceremony held at the Greensboro Coliseum on December 12 at 8:30 a.m. (Consider that your invitation! Lol)

6. This was my career section. I took the liberty of adding some of my favorite media ladies: Vanessa Bush, Soledad O'Brien, Susan L. Taylor, and Melissa Harris-Perry. I also added a picture of Vanessa Bush interviewing First Lady Michelle Obama because that picture is just EVERYTHING to me! My career didn't take off as I had hoped. But I have no hard feelings. Like I stated earlier, I am living out God's vision and plan for my life. And trust, His plan is always perfect!

Did you make a vision board or list of resolutions? Are you happy with how your year has progressed so far? What do you still want to achieve before the year ends? Leave me a comment below or send me an email at


The Queen.