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Becoming a Woman After God's Own Heart

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In the bible, the apostle Paul described King David has someone who God had declared "a man after my own heart." But why did God choose David? What did David did to gain such recognition? 

King David was focused on keeping God first and doing everything that God wanted him to do. He also had absolute faith in God. We see evidence of this even when he was a young boy and defeated a giant with only a rock and a sling shot. I'm sure he looked at himself, short, scrawny, with no muscles, and looked up at the big, tall giant, wondering how in the world he was going to conquer him. But his focus wasn't on the giant, his focus was on the Lord!

Sometimes, we need to take our focus off of our problems, and place them on God. Because it is in Him that we will find the strength to defeat those "giants," even when they are much bigger than we are. Our problems may be big, but our God is bigger.

David was also truly thankful for God and loved the law of the Lord. He appreciated God so much that he wanted to do whatever it took to honor Him and seek His face.

This is exactly what God requires of us. To seek Him in all that we do.

To be a woman after God's heart, means that we want what He wants. Aligning our likes and dislikes with His likes and dislikes. It means that we don't want to make a move unless He's right there with us. It also means that no mater what, we will chase God, keeping Him front and center. 

So many times we chase people and things more than we chase God. The bible says that "heaven and earth will pass away, but my word's will remain" (Matthew 24:33). Material things don't last. People will turn their backs on you quicker than you can turn the light on. But the promises that God made us, are forever.

It's also important to realize that David was by no means perfect. He failed many times. He committed horrible sins including adultery and murder. But David sought the Lord, received salvation and made it His life's purpose to relentlessly pursue God. 

We too, are not perfect. But because of the sacrifice that Christ made on the cross for us, we can have salvation and be saved by grace. All God wants is an open heart and a willing spirit. 


The Queen.

P.S To read more about David, see Acts 13:22, 1 Samuel 17, and the book of Psalm (David is credited with writing over half of them).

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