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And we're back!

Well long time no see! 

Ya'll it has been FOREVER! I've been in an "on again," "off again" relationship with A Queen With A Dream for the past few years. It's almost embarrassing how inconsistent I've been.

But, I'm back and better than ever. The truth is, AQWAD was such a GOD-sized dream when I first received it in 2013; I don't think I was ready. I was super motivated at the time, but as I started growing and getting more ideas, I just couldn't juggle it along with everything else going on in my life.

Even though I've been absent online, doesn't mean that I stopped dreaming. It just took me a little while to get the motivation, tools, and knowledge to put the energy into my blog that it deserves. And boy, is it about to be worth it!

So what's new you ask?

1. A new theme. The biggest part about my relaunch is the new theme, "peace, prosperity, and purity." God gave me this crazy (and I mean crazy lol) idea that everything about my blog should focus on or promote peace, prosperity, or purity in some way. I'll still do a lot of lifestyle posts, but you'll also begin to see how those lifestyle post coincide with my theme.

2. A Youtube channel. I'm excited to start producing Youtube videos as well! Go ahead and subscribe to my channel so that you will get notifications as soon as I start posting! 

3. Free resources. I'll be creating worksheets, devotionals, webinars, and more....all for the free99! But you have to be subscribed to my email list to receive these resources! 

4. A store. Everything can't be free With that being said, I'll be launching a store VERY SOON! And here's a subscribers get to shop first, AND you'll get a discount! 

I'm excited to be back on this journey. I look forward to getting to know you and pushing you to reach your dreams. If you have any questions or ideas of things you'd like to see me do, let's chat!


A Queen With A Dream.

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