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My Word for 2018

Like the rest of the world (or so it seems), 2017 was a rough year. Although I did a good amount of traveling and got to spend time with family, I had a lot of really low moments. I struggled with quite a few things, including my physical health. 

But even though the enemy tried to distract me from my destiny many times, I remained hopeful and kept my trust in the one who I knew had a larger plan for my life. 

When I began setting my goals for 2018, and asking God about His plan for this new year, He gave me what would be my word for this new year:


Have you ever felt like you have been running towards something, but you just can't seem to get to the end? You're pushing yourself to get to the finish line, but you have no idea how far you have left to travel. Yet, roadblocks and all, you keep going. 

That has been my story for well over a year. I know there is a point in time where everything is going to come together. But for the longest, all I could see was broken pieces. I knew there was a larger picture, but I couldn't figure out how to arrange the pieces in the correct order.

But that's the thing: it was never up to me to arrange those pieces.

The more we try to arrange things in our lives, the more we push God out of our lives. There isn't room for two gods at the alter of our heart. It's true that we as humans love to be in control. We fear what we don't know or can't see. But faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrew 11:1)

And just to get you to trust Him, God will sometimes take you to a place where the only option you have left is to trust Him.

That's where He took me in 2017. Every aspect of my life was challenged. I thought I knew what it felt like to trust God and be fully surrendered over to Him, but He had to show me that there was still more I needed to release. 

(Side note: be careful what you pray for! If you ask God to change you, be ready to see and experience the ENTIRE process of being changed)

So before I can reach my manifestation, I had to be broken And it was in my broken place that I was reminded to believe in God's power. Sometimes we know of His power, but do we really BELIEVE in His power?

As hard as 2017 was, I kept pushing and I kept running. And now, I'm coming for everything that was stolen from me. I am also declaring 2018 as:


I'm excited about what God is about to do. But I'm also glad that once again, the devil has been defeated. Here's to the year of manifestation and #snatchbackszn. May each day in this new year be full of prosperity, productivity, and an over-abundance of peace.




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