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Happy New Year! 2019 AQWAD Updates

Happy New Year beautiful people! I pray that you have had a blessed and prosperous holiday season! I also pray that your new year has started off as fabulous as mine! 

I have been very transparent about how rough 2018 was for me. I experienced major depression, lost jobs, quit my business, ended friendships and experienced more loss and hurt than I could have ever imagined. I almost ended the year feeling depleted and defeated. But I’m so grateful that God strengthened me and gave me the extra push that I needed! 

I took the last month of the year to reflect, visualize, and strategize about 2019. God has completely shifted plans that I thought I had. And although my mission and vision still remains the same, I have a new strategy and more clarity about my assignment. I’m excited about how God is going to use me in tis next year!

I have some awesome things planned for 2019 as it relates to A Queen With A Dream. Here are just a few new things you can expect: 

  1. 101 Coaching and Services. I don’t claim to be a life expert, but I have found that I have a passion for pushing women to reach their greatest potential. I want to see ALL women win. Lately I’ve realized that I am really good at coaching and encouraging women. I’m also really good at taking a small idea and scaling it. This year I will begin to offer services that will help you get to the next level in whatever your goal is. 

  2. More collaborations. I’ve had the chance to meet and interact with some pretty awesome women. I’m excited to begin some collaborations with these women to show off their talents and expertise. 

  3. Prayer/bible study tips. This is probably the biggest change that will be happening. Many of you know that I recently launched a prayer journal. The launch of my journal also made me realize how much of a need there is for real authentic bible teachings and prayer gatherings for millennials; whether virtually or in person. I have a HUGE announcement coming for this really soon. 

  4. Events. I’ve been wanting to do events since I launched A Queen With A Dream back in 2013. This year I will be hosting a few small gatherings throughout the year to network and meet some of my amazing followers! 

While there will be other smaller changes, these are the major transitions that I wanted you all to be aware of. If you have any content ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! 



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