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Who Are You?

The other day I was reflecting on recent decisions that I’ve made and just my businesses overall. It’s not hard for me to identify the two main areas where I struggle the most: consistency and comparison. 

As someone who likes to fix things I understand that in order to fix something you have to understand the cause of the issue in the first place. 

I know that I struggle with consistency because I compare myself to other people a lot. But I’ve been trying to understand why exactly then do I compare myself to other people. 

Then the epiphany hit me.

Maybe I compare myself to other people because there’s something in them that I secretly wish I had in me. 

Listen ya’ll. I’m independent. A natural-born leader, as I boast sometimes. I love to be unique and different. I’m that person that decides not to do something after someone tells me to do it, even if I had already planned on doing it. I’m low-key a rebel. I just like to “do me boo.” 

So that’s why that pill was a hard one to swallow. 

Sure, it’s okay to have people that you look up to and admire. But when your view of that person (or those people) becomes unhealthy and causes you to feel bad about yourself, that’s when you have to shift your perspective. 

I know it’s super easy for us to compare ourselves to other people. With easy access into a small portion of others lives, we’ve created this image of what we should be based on the image they’ve chosen to show us. 

But who are you? 

I look at people who I know for a fact that they are living their best life, being their most authentic self. And what do they all have in common? They are all unashamed and confident in who they are and what they have been called to do. They don’t focus on making themselves a version of someone else, they focus on making themselves the best version of them they can. 

One thing you have to realize is that people are going to have similar gifts and callings as you do. But even though there are similarities, God still created you and gave you a unique purpose on this earth. There is no one else on this earth who is exactly like you, and no one can do what you do. You have to focus on being who God created you to be. 

I told my sister one day that there’s three sides to every person. The side that you want people to see, the side the other people actually see, and the side that you actually are. Many times, people put all of their energy into perfecting the side that they want people to see. But if we shift our energy to perfecting who are, becoming the best version of our self, then what people actually see will be authenticity in its greatest form. 



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