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6 Ways to Support Your Friends New Business

As the new year has just begun, you probably know someone who has recently or is preparing to launch a business.

If you’ve never launched launched a business, then it may be hard to understand the enormous amount of stress and pressure that your friend or family member may be under.

Luckily they have you to offer moral support! But sometimes, that’s honestly just not enough. Here are a few things you can do to help make the transition to entrepreneurship easier for your loved one.

  1. Patronize their business. No one starts a business just for the fun of it. Your friend has a goal of generating income through their business and the best way you can support them is by purchasing their goods or services. If you have no use for what their business is providing, purchase it anyways and gift it to someone else. 

  2. Talk about their business through social media and within your circle. If you cannot financially support their business, find people who can. Many businesses grow strictly through word-of-mouth. Share their posts on social media and within your circle of friends.

  3. Gift them with a service. Do you offer a service that your friend can use? Offer to take product pictures, help with their accounting, or marketing. If you don’t offer a service, find someone who has a basic starter package and purchase it as a gift for your friend. As a start-up, your friend is probably in need of marketing, accounting, and legal assistance. 

  4. Host a launch party for them. Offer to host a small gathering of friends and colleagues in your home or at a small venue. Allow your friend to exhibit their products or services at the party.

  5. Purchase supplies. If your friend is making their own products to sell, purchase supplies that they use. If they are a service based business, offer to cover a month or two of a platform they utilize. 

  6. Help to relieve their stress. Running a business is hard work. Think of ways you can help them relax or relieve stress. Refer them to a therapist, take them to their favorite restaurant, or buy them a bottle of wine….or 5. :)

If you’re reading this and brainstorming ways to support your biz buddy, you are an awesome friend. As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to find genuine friends. Your business owner is luck to have you! 

What are some ways that you’ll be supporting them?



Laci Ollison2 Comments